Perfect Photos of Antarctica!
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Most of these shots are glorious shots of Antarctica, Antarctic wildlife or something similar.
I hope you enjoy looking at them. I have tried to sort them into groups so if you are looking for a picture, it should be in around the same category.

Wow! What a fascinating Ice Berg!

An awe-inspiring image of the Antarctic Coastline.

Why can't we have cute little Penguins like this living in our Wildlife?

An amazing image of an Ice Shelf.

Mount Erbus erupting quietly.

The Transantarctic Mountains lie in the background.

Penguins Galore!

West Antarctic Sheet.

The Ross Ice Shelf Edge.

What a Hole!

What an interesting ice sculpture!

LARGE Antarctic Map.

View of Mcmurdo from the air.

"The Inlet."

"The Inlet #2."

A baby Weddell Seal that has just come out of the womb.

A young seal underwater.

Crab Seals.

A cute Leopard Seal.

Another Weddell Seal!

Some seals playing in a sea hole.

Adelie Penguins Playing.

Baby Emperor Penguins.

An iceberg floating close to the Coastline.

Chinstrap penguin colony.

What type of penguin do you think this is?

Perfect Picture Posers!

Emperor Penguin Chick!

"The Emperor's dressed in White."

A Gentoo chick feeding from it's Mum.


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