Who was in Scotts Party? (On both occasions.)
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In Scott's first voyage, "The Discovery," who else was in the Party?
In Scott's first voyage, "The Discovery," the crew were as follows.
Second-in-command and navigator: 36 year old Albert Armitage. He came from the Merchant Navy. in the Merchant Navy he had been an officer in the P and O fleet and he had previously been a useful navigator.
Doctor: Reginald Koettlitz. He was a very tall man with a drooping mustache. He was very knowledgable and was able to find out what caused Scurvy, so often hit explorers when the went on expeditions, so he was able to help in the preparation of the food.
Assistant Surgeon: This talented person painted wonderful water colour paintings and drawings. His name was Edward Adrian Wilson. He was quite religious and had a love for birds. He had just recently finished becoming qualified at Saint George's Hospital. He adapted a painful abscess in his armpit. This was caused by too much smoking, to many cold nights out bird watching, starving himeself so he could give beggars on the street , too much money on books and wasted too much time. When Scott met him, he immediately wanted him for the job. He had to take a medical test before he went on the boat, which he failed. But Scott insisted that he was the man for the job. A couple of weeks before the ships departure, he took another test. This resulted in another failure but Scott held his grudge. Wilson had to make a decision, he could either stay home and become cured or leave on the exploration and possibly die. He chose to leave on the expedition, one couragous man!
Naval Officers: Charles Royds, - first lieutenant, Michael Barne, - second naval lieutenant and Reginald Skelton, - chief engineer. Charles's job was to look after the people onboard and the inside of the ship. Michael Barne had met Scott on HMS Majestic. Reginald Skelton also met Scott on HMS Majestic as the Senior Engineer.
Scientific Position: Thomas Vere Hodgson, 37. Clements Markham worte about him: "Young to have a polished bald head, sometimes needing a skull cap, but otherwise apparently strong and healthy."
Geologist: 32 year old Hartley Ferrar. He was from Ireland originally but brought up in South Africa. He, again, had just recently graduated. Markham thought that he was good and capable, but very young, very unfledged,and rather lazy; however, he most likely could be "made into a man in this ship by the young lieutenants."
Physicist: Louis Bernacchi. He was in his mid twenties and already had experience in the Antarctic. He live on a island that only his family and their dependents lived on. He studied physics and astronomy at the Melbourne Observatory. About him, Markham wrote: "Always grown - up - never a boy."
Merchant Navy Officer: Ernest Shackleton. He was described by the captain on one of the previous ships he had worked on as "the most pigheaded obstinate boy I ever came across." In fact, he was turned down when he put his application in! He soon became friends with a person who cold link him up to actually having an interview. He soon got an interview with the "second-in-command" who was impressed with him. He was appointed "third lieutenant." This included looking after the holds, stores, deep sea water analysis and provisions. When Shackleton was forced to leave the voyage in 1903, he was replaced by George F.A. Mulock.
George Mulock proved to be very useful and knowledgable throughout the time he was there. He was not considered a waste of time like Shackleton had been.
This was the main crew, along with Scott but there were also primary officers, scientists, three warrant officers and six petty officers. Two of these people were Edgar Evans and David Allan, who like two of the previous crew, were from the HMS Majestic.

Who was in Scott's party on the second journey, "Terra Nova?"
A quick fact.
*More than 8,000 men from all over the world volunteered to join the expedition.

The following people were crew of "The Discovery," as well as "Terra Nova."
Petty Officers: Thomas Williamson, Edgar Evans and Thomas Crean.
Chief Stokers: William Lashly and William Heald.

People that were picked for "Terra Nova."
Scientist: Edward Wilson.
Geologists: Frank Debenham, Raymond Priestley and T. Griffith Taylor, - all from Australia.
Physicist: Charles Wright from Canada.
Meterological services: George Simpson.
Biologists: Edward Nelson and D. G. Lillie.
Naval Lieutenant: Harry Pennell.
Navigator and Magnetic Observer: Henry Rennick
Hydrographical surveys and deep-sea soundings: Victor Campbell.
Lieutenant surgeons: G. Murray Levick and Edward Atkinson.
There were also 26 other petty officers and seaman selected, along with many other volunteers who had been taken. One being Herbert Ponting, a photographer.
24 year old Apsley Cherry-Garrard was a relative of Reginald Smith. To be made assistant biologist, Garrard contributed 1,000 pounds to be part of the journey! Likewise, Captain L.E.G Oates contributed an amount of money as well. He was put in charge of looking after the ponies. Henry Bowers aslo came and joined the voyage, coming from the Royal Indian Marine. Kathleen's brother, (Scott's wife's brother,) also came and joined the expedition. His name was Wilfrid Bruce and he was 36.


These are the original stores that were left in Scott's Hut!