Early Explorers. - Robert Falcon Scott.
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This Page is a tribute to Robert Falcon Scott!
If you would like me to add anything interesting that you have, please e-mail it to me at: sparkles2000@surfsun.com
This site was made by a school child. It has been checked over to make sure this information is all correct. However, many people believe different things. Many different articles have been read to try and get this site up and running with some useful information on it but as I say, I have read many different reports. If you don't agree with anything that is said, please don't hesitate to e-mail me with the correct information and why this is correct.
Thank you for using my site wisely.
This is Robert Falcon Scott. I think this was him dressed up during one of his voyages.
Robert Falcon Scott was one amazing guy! Although he was not the first to reach the South Pole, Amundsen was, he should still be rewarded for his courage, bravery and efforts. The only thing that would have slowed Scott down was his planning. Although there has been alot of debate about this. Some scientists say that when Scott and his party were in the South Pole, they experienced extreme conditions of weather and that if the weather was normal, they could've survived. I think that if Scott had planned as well as Amundsen had, he would have won the fight. As I say, we should still acknowledge him. He is a hero in Antarctic History.
What kind of information will I find on this site?

What happened in Scott's first voyage, "The Disocvery." What did they achieve?

How did Scott get the job of Commander on "The discovery?"

What happened in Scott's second voyage, "Terra Nova." What did they achieve?

How old was Scott when he started working in the Navy and what happened in his life?

Did he ever have a family of his own? What were his parents names?

What were some of Scott's famous or favourite quotes/diary entries?

Who were in his exploration parties on both occasions?

Above are what kind of questions will be answered in this site. I hope that you can find them easily. If you have any ideas or comments, either sign the guestbook or please e-mail them to me at sparkles2000@surfsun.com

Important things about this website.
The things in bold blue on the website, are either the main ideas/issues on that page.
Take a trip to Page 1, - What happened in his life? When did he start serving in the navy?

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Above is a beautiful Antarctic Sunset! Paradise eh!
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