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This page contains a picture of a statue of Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Peter Markham Scott and Kathleen and Robert.
This page is for pictures that I have not been able to put on the page with the information that belongs with them. The following page will have some pictures that would have been referred to or linked to off another page.

The statue that stands in Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, New-Zealand.
This is the statue that stands tall in Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, New-Zealand. If you want to read about it go to the "Contact Page" or else you can click on the Link below and it will take you to the Contact Page.
  A little Robert Knowledge...
* Soon after Scott and Shackleton had been exploring, they got a little competitive. They soon became almost enimies!

A little Robert Knowledge...
On the day that Peter Markham Scott was born, Scott announced what he was going to do within the Antarctic expedition he was going to take on next.

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A little Robert Knowledge...
In 1901, the main bits of the coastline were seen, now was the time to get down to the land. This was the first Antarctic expedition Scott had ever completed and this was his aim.

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Sir Peter Markham Scott.
This is Sir Peter Markham Scott in one of his older years. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy but it didn't scan very well. I still wanted to put it on so you could see a faint idea of what he looked like and I couldn't find any other pictures of him. In fact, this one comes from the "Greenpeace book of Antarctica." A great knowledgable read!

"Con" and Kathleen aboard "Terra Nova," the boat.
This was Kathleen and Con aboard "Terra Nova." I think this was the day it was departing but Kathleen was onboard for photo's with Robert. This could possibly been the most recent and last photo of them together.

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